Simple module to write features to font

class robofab.tools.otFeatures.FeatureWriter(type)

Make properly formatted feature code

add(src, dst)

Add a substitution: change src to dst.


Write the whole thing to string

class robofab.tools.otFeatures.GlyphName(name)

Simple class that splits a glyphname in handy parts, access the parts as attributes of the name.

robofab.tools.otFeatures.GetAlternates(font, flavor='alt', match=0)

Sort the glyphs of this font by the parts of the name. flavor is the bit to look for, i.e. ‘alt’ in a.alt match = 1 if you want a exact match: alt1 != alt match = 0 if the flavor is a partial match: alt == alt1


Build a feature for smallcaps based on .sc glyphnames


Build a aalt feature based on glyphnames


Build a swash feature based on glyphnames


Build a liga feature based on glyphnames