A simple set of tools for building accented glyphs. # Hey look! A demonstration: from robofab.accentBuilder import AccentTools, buildRelatedAccentList font = CurrentFont # a list of accented glyphs that you want to build myList=[‘Aacute’, ‘aacute’] # search for glyphs related to glyphs in myList and add them to myList myList=buildRelatedAccentList(font, myList)+myList # start the class at=AccentTools(font, myList) # clear away any anchors that exist (this is optional) at.clearAnchors() # add necessary anchors if you want to at.buildAnchors(ucXOffset=20, ucYOffset=40, lcXOffset=15, lcYOffset=30) # print a report of any errors that occured at.printAnchorErrors() # build the accented glyphs if you want to at.buildAccents() # print a report of any errors that occured at.printAccentErrors()

strip away unnecessary suffixes from a glyph name, list)

build a list of related glyphs suitable for use with AccentTools, searchItem, doAccents=True)

Gather up a bunch of related glyph names. Send it either a single glyph name ‘a’, or a list of glyph names [‘a’, ‘x’] and it returns a dict like: {‘a’: [‘atilde’, ‘a.alt’, ‘a.swash’]}. if doAccents is False it will skip accented glyph names. This is a relatively slow operation!, accentNames)

make an accented glyph name